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Angular Development — Part 3: Async Pipe

One of the most common patterns seen in Angular components is to subscribe to an Observable and display the resulting data in a component. Unfortunately, this process can easily add bloated boilerplate code….

  • Luckily, the async pipe is a powerful tool to keep this to a minimum. In part three of our Angular series, we dive into the general use and some extended functionality of the ngIf directive in conjunction with the async pipe to quickly and easily create effective display components. Read Article

Top Story

Aye, Aye, Captain…

  • Sea trials are underway for a ship built by IBM that is guided solely by AI. Part of a slowly growing shift to AI-based navigation; this is the biggest test yet. Whether the idea ‘sinks or swims’ is yet to be determined. Read Article

Developer Corner

Avoiding a Crash…

  • Check out this interesting account from David Walsh Blog on how Hacker News crashed their website and what you can do to avoid a similar fate. Read Article

Top 5 ML Libraries for JavaScript…

  • Many associate Python or R with the application of Machine Learning methods and algorithms, but as technology has evolved, a variety of ML frameworks have emerged. Here’s a look at the reasons why you should consider JavaScript, along with five of the best JS machine learning libraries. Read Article

Professional Advice

How To Level Up Your Zoom Calls…

  • Video conference calls are notoriously dull, but there’s an app out there that can help you jazz things up while presenting your information more effectively. Read Article

Stop Overthinking and Start Acting…

  • Do you have a tendency to overthink things? While thoughtful analysis is good, overthinking a decision can have negative implications. Consider these tips to avoid getting caught in your own web of over-analysis. Read Article



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