Blazor vs. React, Stay Interviews, & More…

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2 min readApr 22, 2021


by Tom Helvick

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Blazor vs. React — A Side-by-Side Comparison

What happens when a developer is interested in building Single Page Applications but doesn’t want to use JavaScript? Enter Blazor, a new Microsoft UI framework that uses a unique approach for leveraging C#, .NET, and the WebAssembly framework to create SPAs running in web browsers.

  • Wondering how Blazor stacks up to the ever-popular Javascript-based React? Check out this side-by-side comparison to learn more about the advantages and considerations of both. Read This Article & Others

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Top Story

Move Over Cupid…

  • With algorithms that help find more compatible matches and more, AI could be changing the dating world, one match and online chat at a time. Read Article

Developer Corner

What Did I Miss?…

  • Tutorials are helpful but even the best ones will often leave out something important. Case in point? Here’s a look at five important React lessons that aren’t likely covered in most tutorials. Read Article

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Choose Your Own Debugging Adventure…

  • Kudos to Julia Evans for her creative approach to helping others debug an issue using a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format. Check out her process for creating the first two prototypes and give them a whirl yourself! Read Article

Professional Advice

Stay Interviews…

  • Want to save your best people from abandoning ship? Start conducting ‘stay interviews’, a chance for honest dialogue before an employee reaches the point of burnout. Of course, asking the right questions is important. Here’s where to start. Read Article

More on Finding and Retaining Stellar IT Employees…

Something Scarier Than No…

  • “No” isn’t the scariest thing you’ll hear when asking for something you want. In fact, the truth is far scarier and it involves your own self-sabotage. Read Article



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