Blazor vs. React, Stay Interviews, & More…

Blazor vs. React — A Side-by-Side Comparison

What happens when a developer is interested in building Single Page Applications but doesn’t want to use JavaScript? Enter Blazor, a new Microsoft UI framework that uses a unique approach for leveraging C#, .NET, and the WebAssembly framework to create SPAs running in web browsers.

  • Wondering how Blazor stacks up to the ever-popular Javascript-based React? Check out this side-by-side comparison to learn more about the advantages and considerations of both. Read This Article & Others

Top Story

Move Over Cupid…

  • With algorithms that help find more compatible matches and more, AI could be changing the dating world, one match and online chat at a time. Read Article

Developer Corner

What Did I Miss?…

  • Tutorials are helpful but even the best ones will often leave out something important. Case in point? Here’s a look at five important React lessons that aren’t likely covered in most tutorials. Read Article

Choose Your Own Debugging Adventure…

  • Kudos to Julia Evans for her creative approach to helping others debug an issue using a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format. Check out her process for creating the first two prototypes and give them a whirl yourself! Read Article

Professional Advice

Stay Interviews…

  • Want to save your best people from abandoning ship? Start conducting ‘stay interviews’, a chance for honest dialogue before an employee reaches the point of burnout. Of course, asking the right questions is important. Here’s where to start. Read Article

Something Scarier Than No…

  • “No” isn’t the scariest thing you’ll hear when asking for something you want. In fact, the truth is far scarier and it involves your own self-sabotage. Read Article



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