Clean Code, Screen Fatigue, & More…

Outside Resources We Found Interesting — 67 New Features In JDK 16

Keeping up on new releases can be difficult, especially when they’re following a six-month cadence as is the case with JDK.

  • Check out this helpful summary of all the new features included with the most recent release, JDK 16, along with insight into their potential impact on Java application development. Link To This Article & Others

Top Story

Hailing an Airplane…

  • Need to hail an airplane? The need for an app that connects customers to rides is just one of the obstacles that need to be overcome to make air taxi service a soon-to-be-here reality. Read Article

Developer Corner

Managing AWS Permissions…

  • Quagmire: an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation. We can’t think of a better term to describe managing cloud growth and the access and authentication complications that can ensue. Learn how Netflix took control of the situation by developing an internal self-service tool that provides an easier way of managing AWS permissions and access across multiple accounts. Read Article

12 Clean Code Principles…

  • Clean code has many benefits, one being that it makes code more readable. Do your fellow coders a favor and check this list of twelve clean code principles. Read Article

Professional Advice

Combat Screen Fatigue…

  • Screen fatigue was a thing for programmers before the pandemic but unending Zoom calls certainly aren’t helping. Here are five things you can do to reduce screen fatigue and combat its symptoms. Read Article

Heavy Hitters — The Programming Languages Tesla Uses…

  • Part of staying on top of your programming game is ensuring you are current with popular languages. Here’s a look at the languages being used at Tesla, as well as other heavy hitters like Google, Amazon, & more. Read Article



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