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by Tom Helvick

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Azure vs AWS vs Google Cloud — What’s the Best Cloud Platform for Enterprise?

Cloud computing has become a key tool for businesses looking to cut costs and increase agility and today’s IaaS market is largely dominated by three vendors — Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

  • Here’s a look at what differentiates the three, along with an outline of factors that can help determine which platform is best for your business. Read This Article & Others

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Top Story

Profssor AI, I Presume…

  • Historians, hold onto your hats. AI is rewriting history. Using pattern recognition and artificial intelligence techniques to process a large amount of data, AI has revealed that one, not two, scribes wrote the text of a Dead Sea Scroll. Read Article

Developer Corner


  • Navigating and managing data structures is a critical skill for every level of engineer to have and improve upon. Luckily David Walsh has made it easier to stay on top of things with his overview of Object.entries. Read Article

Tools and Resources For A Heavyweight JavaScript Experience

Java Goals for 2021…

  • Java updates are gradual, not abrupt, but that doesn’t make staying on top of things any less important to your career. From beginner to seasoned expert, here’s are some Java essentials to challenge yourself with mastering. Read Article

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Professional Advice

Unplugged Ambition…

  • Feel bad that you don’t want to climb the corporate ladder? It doesn’t make you an unambitious weirdo. Read Article

Workplace Influencers…

  • In the undercurrents of any company are door-openers and door-closers, those under-the-radar influencers who impact company decisions. Here’s how to identify them and use the knowledge to be more effective at your job. Read Article

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