Cracked Codes, Morning Habits, & More…

Angular Development — Part 8: Control Value Accessor

Forms are a critical component to most any web application. While most forms can be completed with the standard browser inputs, sometimes a more dynamic or thematic input can make the difference in a user interface …

Angular provides the ControlValueAccessor interface to provide developers the tools to seamlessly insert custom-built components that can function just as a standard input. Learn more about the well-known and lesser-known uses of this interface in our latest blog post. Read Article

Top Story

Cracking a 50-Year Old Coded Message…

  • A software developer, a mathematician, and a warehouse operator cracked a 50-year old coded message from a serial killer using an app they developed to unravel the puzzle. Read Article

Developer Corner

Demise of On-premises Data Warehouses…

  • As more data warehouses are migrated to the cloud, on-premises data warehouses are facing extinction. Here’s a look at what lead to their demise. Read Article

The Eight Best Books on AI…

  • Want a well-rounded understanding of AI? Check out this list from Wired of the eight best books covering every aspect of Artificial Intelligence, from its history to predictions for its future. Read Article

Professional Advice

Five Morning Habits of Highly Successful People…

  • Big goals for 2021? Consider adopting these five morning habits for greater clarity, focus, and productivity. Read Article

How To Lead When Your Team is Exhausted…

  • What can you do and say as a leader when ‘We’re all in this together’ no longer works to motivate employees struggling to keep up morale through these next difficult months? Try focusing on these three areas instead. Read Article



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