Electric Highways, Highly Effective Programmers, & More…

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2 min readJul 28, 2021


by Tom Helvick

Welcome to our weekly edition of the Dev Digest where we put together the best links to help you stay on top of what’s happening in the world of software and web development. From top stories to development tips, professional advice, and more, we’ve collected the best articles, stories, and videos of the week from across the web. Now let’s get to it.

Realizing Cost Savings — By Eliminating Third-Party Software

What happens when third-party software is wreaking havoc on your business processes and timelines, and the cost is rising? Too often, the result is lost time and profit…

  • Learn how Intertech was able to help a leading energy consultancy create their own custom, proprietary application resulting in diminished licensing costs and better stability for their operations.

Creating A New System With Energy Forecasting and Diagnostics Tools

Top Story

Electric Highways…

  • Indiana is electrifying, literally. The state is testing magnetizing concrete in order to electrify highways for wireless charging of electric vehicles. Read Article

Helping Businesses Modernize and Pivot

Developer Corner

Random Run-ins…

  • We love when one of our favorite programming bloggers diverges from their normal topics in wild and interesting ways. Case in point? Raymond Chen shares about how a colleague’s basketball sound effect resulted in a brush with Sting. Read Article

Helpful Tech Insights For Leadership & Developers Alike

C# Source Generator…

  • .NET 6 will include a new C# source generator to help improve the performance of applications that use System.Text.Json. Are you ready? Here’s a look at how it works and the benefits you can expect. Read Article

Professional Advice

Three Simple Things…

  • Pardon us, we’ve shared articles on the habits of highly effective programmers before but this one stood out, offering some very practical, straight-shooting advice that is worth noting. Our favorite tip? Don’t be clever. Read Article

Training Designed to Move You Ahead

Send Emails That Don’t Suck…

  • We can’t avoid emails but we can do our part to ensure the ones we send don’t suck. Check out these 10 best practices for crafting emails with your reader in mind. Read Article



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