Faulty Data, In-Demand Programming Skills, & More…

by Tom Helvick

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Custom Software Development — The Unrealized Costs of Ignoring UX

UX should be a critical consideration for any custom software development project. Why? Placing UX at the forefront increases acceptance of new software and drives productivity boosts, along with a myriad of other benefits, some of which you may not have even realized.

  • Are you a tech leader considering a custom-developed software project? Check out our featured article link highlighting how the quality of custom software can be elevated by starting with a design thinking mindset. Learn the Bottom Line Benefits of UX

Legacy Upgrades or New Development? Ask Yourself This

Top Story

Faulty Data Setback…

  • Whoops. Microsoft has retracted a paper touting a breakthrough in the creation of a practical quantum computer. The culprit? Faulty data and a miscalibration. Read Article

Developer Corner

Jenkins Alternatives…

  • Jenkins isn’t the only CI/CD tool out there. Check out this list of twenty-one alternatives to consider, including the key features of each. Read Article

GitHub Command Line…

  • Who doesn’t love a great shortcut? Scott Hanselman shares about his recent discovery of the GitHub Command Line plus a few other helpful timesaving tips worth knowing about. Read Article

Case Study — Learn How We Cut Processing Times for a Nonprofit

Professional Advice

Things Your Manager Might Not Know…

  • Expecting that your manager will know every detail of your job is unrealistic and potentially damaging. Here are eight things your manager might now know and advice for getting them the information they need. Read Article

In-demand Programming Skills…

  • A constantly evolving technology landscape means the skills in demand are always changing. Here’s a look at five in-demand programming skills you should consider learning in 2021 and tips on how to excel in them. Read Article

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