• Ivana S Taylor

    Ivana S Taylor

    Your guide to small business marketing advice, the best tools, tips and strategies for overwhelmed, cash, strapped small business owners

  • Matt Pacyga

    Matt Pacyga

    Product Management | Founder of Corp Rock™️ | Interests: mobile, music, tech and kicking ass

  • Chad Towle

    Chad Towle

  • Matt Woestehoff

    Matt Woestehoff

    Hard to spell. Worth the effort.

  • Paul Jahn

    Paul Jahn

    Own localmn.com, music ed. advocate, enjoy family, search marketing and everything Minnesota.

  • Septian Rinaldi Rianggoro

    Septian Rinaldi Rianggoro


  • arikhanson


    Principal-ACH Communications Minnesota digital PR consultant, blogger, co-founder-HAPPO, co-founder #mnblogconf, husband, father, beer snob

  • Mark Root

    Mark Root

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