Getting Started with Microservices: Top Tools & Techniques

How Microservices Work

One of the core concepts of good software development is separation of concerns. In general, if a process or object needs to be created multiple times, then we’ll want to standardize and separate that component. As a result, our application becomes easier to maintain and scale.


As we’ve seen, individual microservices follow business use cases. Each individual microservice can be implemented in any language or framework. Indeed, the only thing that matters is the service’s API.

Operating System, Containers, & Orchestration

When it comes to deploying microservices, Linux dominates in terms of operating system. Moreover, slimmed-down versions of Linux like CoreOS or Atomic are popular. This is because they’re quicker to spin up, have less storage overhead, and therefore provide fewer attack surfaces from a cybersecurity perspective. With microservices, there’s rarely a need for a full-fledged Ubuntu or RedHat distribution.

Making Microservices Work for Your Company

For your company, the shift to microservices likely won’t come overnight. However, you can gradually separate parts of your application into new services. As a result, developers can work in parallel on separate business concerns. Moreover, your application becomes more resilient and less reliant on proprietary solutions since components can easily be swapped out.

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