Impossible Bugs, Remote Connections, & More…

Considerations When Setting Up — Successful Agile Software Delivery Teams

In this guide, we explore the three key roles, in addition to other roles, that help agile software delivery teams be successful.

  • You do not need every single role on each agile team. However, you do need to carefully consider each of these skillsets and determine if they are needed for your team or not. Learn What Comprises A Complete Agile Team

Top Story

Inside IKEA’s Digital Transformation…

  • Per this author, the challenge of going digital is “remaining fundamentally the same company while doing almost everything differently.” Read Article

Developer Corner

Pagination To The Rescue…

  • Working with a web application that needs to fetch a large amount of data? Rendering all that data at once can cause a big slowdown. This detailed tutorial shows to use pagination to remedy the problem. Read Article

More Readable Code…

  • Struggling to make your code more readable? It’s your lucky day. JavaScript numeric separators are an API that lets developers use underscores to make numbers more readable. Read Article

Professional Advice

Impossible Bugs…

  • We’ve all run across bugs that have made us want to run away screaming in frustration. But the first step in solving a challenging bug may be understanding WHY it feels so unsolvable. Read Article

Remote Connections…

  • Start a new job recently? Making connections with your co-workers when you work remotely is a challenge that largely didn’t exist a few years ago. Here’s advice on how to overcome the obstacles of making friends in a remote work environment. Read Article



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