Java Recursion, Saving Time, & More…

by Tom Helvick

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Java Development — Monitoring Across Frameworks

As developers dive more into the operational side of IT, the line between Dev and Ops has blurred, and monitoring across frameworks is commonplace.

  • Here’s a comparison of frameworks related to their monitoring capabilities and how to implement monitoring within each. Link To This Article & Others

Real World Solutions to Real World Challenges

Top Story

The End of CAPTCHAs?

  • Is it the end of CAPTCHAs as we know it? While still in its infancy, a new “Cryptographic Attestation of Personhood” system by Cloudflare is looking to eradicate the endless clicking of crosswalks and traffic lights. Read Article

Developer Corner

Java Recursion…

  • Love it or hate it, recursion is one way to tackle complex problem solving in Java. Here are 5 recursive Java examples that demonstrate the controversial programming construct. Read Article

Java in Practice: A Case Study in Android Handheld Replacement System for Retail

An Easier Way…

  • Stumbled upon a need to process and filter data in frontend? Writing the search and filter logic can be cumbersome but don’t despair, try using a React hook, useFilter, instead. Read Article

Professional Advice

Saving Time Tips…

  • Do you feel like you are saving time or wasting more time working from home? If working remotely has you feeling less productive, check out these six strategies for utilizing your time more efficiently. Read Article

How to Fix a Boring Tech Presentation…

  • Notice a lot of people looking at their phone during your tech presentations? You might be making one of these five mistakes. Read Article

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