Java Strings, Overcrowded Buses, & More…

Outside Resouces We Found Interesting — An Introduction to Reactive Relational Database Access With Spring & R2DBC

A well-done tutorial won’t just tell you what to do, it’ll take your hand and walk you through the steps to get to the desired destination…

Top Story

Avoiding Crowded Buses…

  • Catching the bus or subway is about to get easier. Google is using user-direct reported data plus AI to predict and report overcrowded mass transit. Read Article

Developer Corner

Formatting Java Strings…

  • Formatting Strings in Java can be tiresome and challenging for beginners and experts alike. Check out this helpful guide that not only walks you through the basics but provides easy-to-reference, time-saving tables as well. Read Article

Python Projects…

  • Looking to improve your Python skills? Here’s inspiration for six Python projects you can do to solidify your Python prowess. Read Article

Professional Advice

Three Simple Things…

  • Whether heading back into the office is a welcome change or not, change in any form can be stressful. Here are three simple things leaders can do to help improve the morale of employees under stress. Read Article

Better Examples…

  • Ever searched for a solution and ended up more confused than when you started? We’ve all been there. For anyone in the role of helping or leading junior developers, here’s how to write a good tutorial example that will help rather than hinder. Read Article



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