Java’s Youthful Glow, Kotlin Libraries, & More…

Legacy Software Modernization — What Should You Take Into Consideration?

When it comes to modernizing legacy software, out with the old and in with the new isn’t always the best answer.

  • Many organizations are running decades-old applications that also happen to be mission-critical and in some cases, it doesn’t make sense to replace them, but it does make sense to update them. Keeping key considerations in mind can help you navigate the modernization process without losing sight of your end objectives. Five Legacy Software Modernization Lessons To Consider

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Rebooting 18th-Century Industries…

  • Is the fourth Industrial Revolution just around the corner? 21st-century technology is playing a role in making many traditional industries with long histories safer and more efficient. Read Article

Developer Corner

Useful Libraries…

  • As more Kotlin-native libraries come onto the scene, it’s getting harder to weed through the options. Consider starting with this list of eleven useful libraries for developing lean and minimal server-side applications. Read Article

Java’s Youthful Glow…

  • Java turns 25 this year which is practically ancient in programming years. Learn how the language has managed to hang on to its youthful glow while standing the test of time. Read Article

Professional Advice

Give A Shout-Out…

  • Is your team suffering from low morale? Giving recognition to team members can help boost morale. However, it’s important to understand that how you deliver the recognition is just as important as what you say. Read Article

A Good Laugh…

  • Need something to bring a smile to your face? Check out this collection of jokes and memes that only those who code can appreciate. Read Article




A leading software development consulting firm with a unique blend of consulting, training, and mentoring.

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Intertech, Inc.

Intertech, Inc.

A leading software development consulting firm with a unique blend of consulting, training, and mentoring.

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