JDK 17 Features, Smooth Transitions, & More

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ASP.NET Core 6 — Challenging Python and Node

With .NET 5 marking the completion of .NET’s transformation into a cross-platform, open-source project, Microsoft is turning its attention to a cadence of annual releases that will continue to expand and improve its performance and solidify .NET as a leading framework.

  • The first release, .NET 6, is expected to ship in November of this year, and with it will come a host of new features and improvements related to app performance, control themes, and faster developer experiences. Can’t wait? See the link below for a sneak peek at just one of the changes eagerly anticipated by the developer community. Link To This Article & Others

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GDPR Turns Three…

  • GDPR celebrated its third-anniversary last month. With demand amongst cybercriminals for consumer data showing little sign of easing, what will the next three years bring and how can companies adapt? Read Article

Developer Corner

ARM in User Mode…

  • Check out Raymond Chen’s new series highlighting how Windows 10 uses the classic ARM processor in user mode, with particular focus on the instructions you are most likely to encounter in compiler-generated code. Read Article

JDK 17 New Features…

  • JDK 17 is set to be released in September as a long-term support (LTS) version which means Oracle support for this version with last for several years. Get a preview of some of the biggest features expected with this latest version. Read Article

Professional Advice

Quality Downtime…

  • The quality of your downtime matters. Here are the three categories of downtime you should strive for in order to hit the ground running when you return to work. Read Article

Smooth Transitions…

  • Handing over a software project is a process riddled with landmines of disaster. But ample preparation, and following these eight steps, can help you avoid disaster and ensure a smooth transition. Read Article




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Intertech, Inc.

A leading software development consulting firm with a unique blend of consulting, training, and mentoring.

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