Lessons in Functional Programming, Inner Critics, & More…

Top Story

Leading With a ‘Data-First’ Approach…

Spotify dives into how adopting a ‘data-first’ approach and using it to drive business decisions has helped guide the infrastructure team’s decision-making process while improving company productivity. Read Article

Developer Corner

Making the Leap From OOP to Functional Programming…

  • While functional programming and object-oriented programming share the same goal, their approaches are quite different. One programmer shares three important lessons he learned after making the leap from OOP to functional programming. Read Article

Using React-Error-Boundary…

  • Looking to simplify your React apps? Try handling React errors effectively with react-error-boundary. Here’s a helpful breakdown on how to do it. Read Article

Professional Advice

Revamping the Performance Review During the Pandemic…

  • Our work life has changed, shouldn’t our performance reviews change as well? Read Article

Silencing Your Inner Critic…

  • Developers, is that inner critic inside your head holding you back professionally? Here’s how to recognize the signs and, more importantly, how to silence it. Read Article

Business Process Automation Is In Your Future… Understand Why!

Achieve Greater Efficiency Through Automation…

Are you looking for a way to reduce costs and improve productivity? Business Process Automation may likely be the answer. Learn how Intertech can help automate recurring workflows, so you see the benefits on your bottom line. Read Article



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