Micro Frontend Benefits, GitHub Free Speech, & More…

Intertech Foundation Strikes Again!

Announcing our Third and Fourth 2020 Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship Recipients …

  • Please join us in congratulating Annabelle Klosterman from South Dakota and Reece Harding from Minnesota. We’ll be taking a moment over the next week to highlight what stood out about these two inspiring young adults beginning today with Annabelle, a young woman with an impressive history of outstanding accomplishments and extra-curricular experiences and a bright future ahead. Don’t miss what she has to say! Read Article

Top Story

GitHub’s Role As a Free-Speech Zone in China…

  • GitHub serves many purposes, but this newest purpose might be one of its most interesting. As China clamped down on information about the Coronavirus this spring, Chinese internet users began repurposing GitHub as a Covid-19 archive. Read Article

Developer Corner

When to Pass a Function to useState and setState…

  • If you’ve been around the React block a few times, you’ve probably used useState; but do you know about this lesser-known feature of both the useState call and the dispatch function? Read Article

Benefits & Limitations of Micro Frontend…

  • Can microservices prove to be beneficial for frontend development too? Learn about “micro frontend”, its benefits and limitations, and decide for yourself whether it’s worth exploring. Read Article

Professional Advice

9 Good Habits Junior Developers Should Embrace…

  • As a new developer, good habits help you become who you want to be. Here are 9 habits junior developers should aspire to adopt and nurture if they want to advance their careers. Read Article

How to Identify a Smart Person in 3 Minutes…

  • Looking for an easy way to identify the true problem solvers on a team? Try this two-question combo to see past the validation-seekers and find the most intelligent thinkers. Read Article



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