Net Neutrality, Call For Code Challenge, & More…

Outside Resouces We Found Interesting — Package Validation Coming to .NET 6

Ensuring a great experience for package users across all .NET platforms is about to get easier with .NET 6.

  • In addition to allowing library developers to validate that their packages are consistent and well-formed, the new package validation tooling in .NET 6 will also ensure that there are no breaking changes across versions. Learn more about this powerful new feature and what you can expect. What to Expect with Package Validation

Top Story

Net Neutrality Reversal…

  • Forward, backward, and forward again? Back in 2017, the FCC eliminated Net Neutrality rules. Now Biden wants the FCC to restore the rules but there’s a big hurdle standing in the way. Read Article

Developer Corner

Seeing “0”…

  • Even seasoned programming veterans can hit pain points. Case in point? David Walsh addresses a quirky issue that results in seeing a “0” in your JSX code. Read Article

Smart Pointers…

  • The world is filled with perplexing questions. Luckily, we have Raymond Chen and his blog, The Old New Thing, to help. His latest post addresses “Why do smart pointers null out the wrapped pointer before destroying it?” Read Article

Professional Advice

Sharpen Your Skills…

  • Some of the most important things you can do to sharpen your skills as a software developer goes beyond reading and coding. Do you know what they are? Read Article

Looking For A Challenge…

  • Looking for something to inspire you? Grab some friends (or strangers) and enter the ‘Call for Code Global Challenge’ — an open source-based challenge to solve real-world issues. Read Article




A leading software development consulting firm with a unique blend of consulting, training, and mentoring.

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Intertech, Inc.

Intertech, Inc.

A leading software development consulting firm with a unique blend of consulting, training, and mentoring.

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