Nosy AI, Remote Work Confessions, & More…

by Tom Helvick

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Five Critical Factors — To Consider When Estimating Software Costs

Many software projects end badly: late, over-budget or simply canceled. In our Software Estimation Executive Brief, we share our proven strategies for dealing with the challenges of software development cost estimation.

  • Leaders who choose to ignore these factors upfront are invariably confronted by problems they cause during the project development process when it is more costly — both in time and money — to fix. Learn the Five Factors

Top Story

Nosy AI

  • Tell your nosy neighbor to move aside and make room for a new pro. Scientists have used an AI algorithm to read an unopened letter written 300 years ago — without breaking its seal. Read Article

Developer Corner

Configuring MongoDB Connectors…

  • The common approach of MongoDbFactory to configure multiple MongoDB Connectors in Spring Boot has been deprecated in Spring Data MongoDB 3.x. Not to worry, here’s an updated approach that will have you back on track. Read Article

Get Your Team Up To Speed With Our Virtual Training

A Lesson in What Not To Do…

  • A lesson for developers on how not to maintain the security and code transparency of a website can be found in the recent hacking of the social media website Gab. Read Article

Updating Outdated Software The Right Way

Professional Advice

Finding Motivation…

  • Stuck in a state of low motivation? Setting your sights on a purpose bigger than yourself may be the ticket to regaining your productive edge. Read Article

Remote Work Confessions…

  • From sneaking into the office to escape your family to whether it’s polite to eat on Zoom calls, Wired tackles a few of the confessions and challenges that come with a remote work environment. Read Article

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