Painless React Forms, Predictions, & More…

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Predicting The State of Front-End Development — 2021 Edition

As the author of this article notes, perhaps the most interesting aspect concerning what we can expect from front-end development in the next year is that the biggest developments are unlikely to be traditionally front-end concerns.

  • Learn which front-end developments we can expect to see more of, from a first glimpse at container queries to the growth of WASM-based solutions to the increased use of BFF technique, and more. Link To This Article & Others

Top Story

The Story Behind the RSA Attack…

  • They say we are bound to repeat history if we do not learn from it. Here’s a fascinating account of the 2011 hacking of government agencies worldwide by Chinese spies, a moment that redefined the cybersecurity landscape. Read Article

Developer Corner

Running a .NET Application as a Service…

  • Need to run a .NET application as a service on Linux? Maarten Balliauw has the answer on how to do it. Read Article

Pain-Free Forms in React…

  • The path to pain-free forms in React begins with understanding how to build them without using libraries. Luckily, Dave Ceddia has broken it down in an easy tutorial. Read Article

Professional Advice

Translating Technical Expertise to Leadership…

  • You’ve been promoted because you are good at what you do, but how can this help you be a good leader? Check out this helpful advice for translating your technical expertise to leadership skills. Read Article

To Be or Not To Be…

  • According to one source, the career path of “Data Scientist” as we know it will be dead in 10 years, and in its place, a more specialized role focused on “applying”, rather than “doing” data science. Read Article




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Intertech, Inc.

Intertech, Inc.

A leading software development consulting firm with a unique blend of consulting, training, and mentoring.

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