Small Talk Episode 4: Our Favorite Tech

Our Intertech Small Talk series dishes out questions around a current software development topic to a group of our Developers and then hands them the mic to share their opinions, thoughts, or whatever else comes to mind. Have a topic you’d like them to tackle? Comment below and we’ll queue it up.

This episode’s topic revolves around National Technology Day which fell on January 6th. We thought it would be a good time to hear from our team about their all-time favorite tech, what they hope to see in the near future, and what tech in the software development world is on their wish list. Enjoy!

I know it is an easy answer but I have to say my smart phone. Nothing has changed daily life more. Instant access to all the world’s knowledge in my pocket. Plus it plays Fortnite!

At this point I would have to say my Fitbit. They are among the first generation of personal data devices and I have mine attached 24/7. I can only see the use of these grow and all Sci-Fi predictions come true.

iPods. IMO the iPod Nano was a near perfect device for the time and the iPod Touch was the original smart phone for so many people (it just didn’t make phone calls). Being able to curate your music collection song by song and take it all with you in your pocket was a game changer.

The personal computer. I’m old enough to remember not having one because they didn’t exist. Not too long after they came out, I knew that I wanted to be a programmer and the rest is history. My first pc? The Commodore Vic20 with a cassette tape drive.

Youtube. It was the software that help me through college by acting as a virtual tutor. I could find additional help on any subject in any class. In addition to being one of my go to resources for learning new tech as a software developer.

The electric vehicle. EVs are poised to revolutionize at least one industry (if not more) in the same way that the PC or smart phone did and at the same time help us reduce our reliance on carbon fuels. It is also amazing to see elements of AI / neural nets, IoT and UX combine with over the air updates to make the driving experience better than when I bought the car.

Console gaming systems. I’ve loved playing games on my TV since the original Atari. It’s especially fun now to play Xbox on a 70" 4K display.

Next generation VR. The Oculus Rift and VIVE Pro show so much promise but I really think the next generation is going to open up a transformative experience. Hopefully that happens in 2019.

I’d say Virtual Reality for games and entertainment.

Any of the next generation of VR. Does it really feel like you’re at the game with one of those on?

Well, I’m looking to create a home office/man cave in the backyard in our second garage so I’d like to get my hands on some classic arcade consoles or an all-in-one deal.

Next generation VR. I got an Oculus Go for Christmas and it isn’t what I was expecting. The graphics are still a bit choppy and I think there can be improvements to memory and app selection. It reminds me of early days Xbox and Playstation game consoles.

I’m excited to dive into 3D printing. The price of entry to mid level printers continues to go down as their capabilities have gone up.

It likely won’t make it to our area in 2019 but I’m looking forward to 5G cellular networks. I think the idea of a gigabit speeds without a cord sounds pretty good.

GraphQL. Or specifically the continued advancement of both server side and client side libraries around the spec. Apollo is a great start but we can do better, hopefully 2019 will bring some clarity here and let GraphQL fly.

I’d like to see what AI integration from the Microsoft, Amazon, and Google will do to enhance computer systems.

I want to see if Vue.js can hold up with Angular and React. It’s popularity and hype steadily climbed through 2018, is it just a new shiny thing or is it going to stick around as a major player in the web development game.

I’m excited to see the new Angular rendering engine “Ivy” come out. It promises to be a game changer. Will it be all hype and no substance? Hope not.

I have to agree with Rich about Angular’s new rendering engine “Ivy”. As I primarily work in the Angular space it’s something I’m excited to see.

I am very interested in seeing how mainstream Machine Learning goes this year and I’d like to start seeing how I can start using ML to help predict user behavior in my current project.

I’m anxiously awaiting the release of React hooks. The idea of reusable component logic in a way that actually works would be a great addition to my current projects. This will be the third architecture since React started. With the knowledge gained on what worked, and didn’t work, in the previous solutions this may be the charm that we need.

That’s a wrap for this episode! Stay tuned for more Small Talk coming soon. Have opinions on this topic? Join the discussion below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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