Solving StackOverflow Errors, Interview Blunders, & More

Intertech Foundation — 2021 STEM Scholarship Recipients

Please join us in congratulating our 2021 STEM scholarship recipients, Yahaira Irizarry and Alexander Chambers! Selected from a host of talented applications, these young individuals exemplify the unwavering drive, inspiration, and accomplishments we witnessed across so many of these talented youth.

  • We’ll be taking the next two weeks to showcase both recipients, starting with Alexander, a young man from Iowa with a keen interest in data security and a bright future ahead at Iowa State University. Sitting Down With Alexander Chambers

Top Story

AI Takes on Real Estate…

  • Take note homeowners, you may now have an increased chance of getting more money when you sell your home, all thanks to an updated algorithm that will improve the accuracy of home value estimates. Read Article

Developer Corner

A Look Back…

  • With iOS 14 coming soon, this look back at the release of iOS 4 in 2010, which included spell-check, multi-tasking capabilities, and the ever-popular home screen background, is a great example of how quickly technology is evolving. Read Article

Solving StackOverflow Errors…

  • Fixing a bug is near to impossible if you can’t simulate it. Check out this helpful Chaos Engineering tutorial series that shows how to simulate, diagnose, and solve several different performance issues including the latest one on StackOverflow errors. Read Article

Professional Advice

Interview Blunders…

  • Did a recent interview not go so well? This list of interview blunders will make you feel better or at least give you some ideas on what to avoid next time. Read Article

Skills for Hybrid Success…

  • As work environments change yet again, many of us will be heading back to a new hybrid schedule requiring us to embrace what we learned from working at home while tackling new skills as well. Read Article




A leading software development consulting firm with a unique blend of consulting, training, and mentoring.

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Intertech, Inc.

Intertech, Inc.

A leading software development consulting firm with a unique blend of consulting, training, and mentoring.

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