Top DevOps Trends in 2019

CI/CD Is Commonplace

Continuous integration (CI) is the process of automating incorporation and testing of new code. On the other hand, continuous delivery (CD) is the automated deployment of that code once it has passed all tests. Together, the CI/CD pipeline is the foundation of all modern DevOps practices.

Automated Monitoring & Recovery

CI/CD is just the first step in automating your application’s operations. Presently, the top DevOps practitioners automate all phases of development, deployment, monitoring, and backups. As CI/CD becomes more commonplace, more companies will explore the opportunities for endpoint monitoring, backups to off-site storage, rotating and retiring old backups, and more.

Infrastructure as Code

Modern applications often need to scale to meet fluctuating user demands over time. Prior to the advent of cloud computing, this meant physically provisioning new on-site servers and other hardware to handle increased bandwidth. However, cloud infrastructure now makes it possible to provision new computing resources using code.

Understandable Microservices Architecture

In addition, a growing trend in DevOps is away from monolithic application architecture and toward microservices. Generally, the idea behind microservices is breaking down an application into its constituent functionalities. In turn, each of those functionalities runs as its own independent mini-application (aka microservice) with its own resources, data stores, etc.

Containerization & Kubernetes

With the increasing number of devices, platforms, and deployment options that today’s applications need to support, there’s a strong demand for tools that help standardize the environment an application runs in. Containers, and specifically Docker, have come to dominate this field. At this point, it’s quite common to deploy your application as a Docker container in order to get fast, consistent performance while also being able to spin up multiple instances at the same time.

Modern DevOps in 2019

Without a doubt, DevOps has generated buzz for good reason. At this point, thousands of companies have used DevOps best practices to lower their deployment times, decrease failures, and increase organizational agility. However, it’s not true that there’s only one way to do DevOps. Instead, each company must find its own way forward with strategies that make business sense for their applications.

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